The Game

Wetzdoku has a streamlined interface for quickly playing random Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty. If logged in, it will track your progress, update your preferences, and allow you to view your game history.

Developed by WetzNet Software LLC

Sample Puzzle

  1. Use the menu to login and then view settings and game history.
  2. The top row of buttons lets you pause, rate, reset, or access help. It also displays the current difficulty and time played.
  3. The puzzle is a problem to solve. It has only a single solution and can be solved with nothing but deduction (no guessing required).
  4. Your digit choices are below the puzzle and include their current subtotal. Once used up, they will gray out to show they're done.
  5. You can toggle between answer and notes mode, as well as between choosing cell or number first functionality by clicking the bottom buttons.
Puzzle example
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