About the Game

Wetzdoku has a streamlined interface for quickly playing random Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty. If logged in, it will track your progress and allow you to view your game history.

Game features include:
  • Pausable timer
  • Automatically highlights current cell as well as any other matching numbers
  • Displays subtotals for each digit
  • Lets you easily toggle between "notes" and "answer" modes
  • Lets you play either "cell first" or "number first", especially important for mobile devices
  • If you're on a desktop or laptop, you can play entirely with your keyboard (assuming your laptop has arrow keys!)
  • You can easily play a new puzzle with a specific difficulty
  • You can rate the puzzle to tell us if you think the difficulty was right on... or way off.
Sound good? Why not go play a game? Looking for help? Try our support page.
Developed by WetzNet Software LLC.
Special thanks to our early testers: David Mathias and various Wetzels.
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